20160107_175732-1Monica Ann Walker (@MAWalker_42) is an art historian with a passion for comic books and graphic novels, a subject that she has taught at the University of Louisville (Kentucky) and presented in various international conferences. She has done extensive research of sequential art dating back to the medieval period and its similarities with modern practices in the comic book industry.

She has been the digital manager and social media strategist for the Comic Creators Project at the Cartoon Museum from October 2015 to April 2016. She loves writing about comics and will continue to collaborate with the Comic Creators Project in the future.

Steve Marchant


Steve Marchant is a writer and comic-strip artist who has been teaching the skills of cartoon and comic-strip art in schools, colleges, libraries, and youth clubs around London for the last 25 years.

He is currently the senior tutor and ‘Comics Creators Gallery’ curator at the Cartoon Museum. His illustration clients have included the BBC, British Airways, The British Council, Intel and ITV, and he has also written and drawn a number of educational comics for children and young people; his personal work appears in the award-winning online comic Aces Weekly.

Ioanna Varsou


Ioanna Varsou is a filmmaker with a great passion for storytelling. She has directed animated and live action films, which have been awarded and screened at multiple international film festivals. She is based in London but her love for the moving image began in Greece, where she studied Arts and Design at the Technological Institute of Athens. She is currently working on a documentary and is doing video work for the Cartoon Museum in London.

Lia de Souza Sanchez


Lia de Souza Sanchez is a History of Art student who is currently completing her degree at University College London (UCL). Lia has worked in museums and galleries and is passionate about pursuing her education in the arts. She plans to get a Masters degree after completing her undergraduate studies.


Daniel Jones


Daniel Jones is a long time fan of cartoon, satire and comics. He has volunteered at the Cartoon Museum for several years. He is a Politics graduate of Sussex University.


Richard Pope

Although Richard has been a volunteer since 2012, he can’t remember exactly when he joined the Cartoon Arts Trust. He thinks it was some time in the 1990s, about 10 years after the Trust was founded.  He remembers going to several events in various different venues, including one in Chelsea Old Town Hall, before the Trust started using an empty shop in the Brunswick Centre as its gallery.  Then in 2006 it moved to the present site; not an ideal building according to him but it can certainly pack a lot of cartoons into the displays. Here he supports the staff  twice per month using some of his time to do research about the works on display and contributing to this blog.

Aikaterini Koutsouridou

AIK_photoAikaterini Koutsouridou is volunteering at the Cartoon Museum because she loves metaphoric literacy.

She graduated from the Department of Folkloric and Traditional Music of Epirus. She is a holder of university degree in folkloric and traditional Music with specialisation in the Oud. Additionally, she has an undergraduate degree in Byzantine Music Theory and Performance. She did her master degree in Education, Culture and Society at St Mary’s University, Twickenham of London. During her studies, she studied current issues regarding inclusion in education, social justice and equality in socially diverse and multicultural society. During her time in Greece, she also studied Byzantine Hiography Painting and, she participated in a project aiming to compile Greek sayings for children by illustrating the book.




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