Remembering Pip, Squeak & Wilfred and the Wilfredian League of Gugnuncs

My first encounter with an adorable trio of anthropomorphic animals called Pip, Squeak and Wilfred was when I stepped through the threshold of the Cartoon Museum while doing a six-months intership with the HLF Comic Creators Project back in 2015. I happened to be present when the museum purchased a set of four original drawings, and I could not get over how charming they were. There was something magical about the way the characters were drawn that immediately appealed to my inner child. As I started to read full stories, I realized that I was captivated by the antics of these three characters and the narration of Uncle Dick. I’ll get back to him in a second! Continue reading “Remembering Pip, Squeak & Wilfred and the Wilfredian League of Gugnuncs”



Comic page hero of the Daily Mirror and the creation of Stephen Philip Dowling, Garth was one of the longest running comic strips in the UK. Garth was a reincarnated Greek god who, with the help of a scientist, Professor Lumiere, travelled from present to past to future, in order to champion human freedom against the tyranny of science.

Dowling Garth - sm
Original art by Steve Dowling & John Alard for the story Islands of Kaa (1947), scripted by Harry Harrison.

Alternatively, he has been called a less flashy, more compassionate Superman. The strip is in the science fiction-adventure genre. Garth travelled through time and space, met numerous famous people from history and even had a romantic dalliance with Astra, the goddess of love.

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